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CFA Goals

To further its goal, the CFA was formed for the following purposes: Researching family ancestors; locating and maintaining graves of family members; writing newsletters and book(s) about the Casey family history; holding biennial family reunions; and helping extended family members.

Currently, the majority of Abner Casey descendants are offspring of twoMichael R. Casey, Sgt. Oklahoma City Police Department sons: Jesse and Randolph Casey. Other known children of Abner Casey are as follows: John, Moses, James, Nancy, Benjamin, Levi, Christopher and William Casey. Generally, the Casey trail of migration started in the Roanoke River Valley area of Virginia, to South Carolina (Spartanburg and Newberry counties) and Georgia, thence to east-central Tennessee (Roane, Morgan, McMinn counties, etc.), then cir. 1835 to northwestern Arkansas and southwestern Missouri. The Randolph Casey line settled in the Jefferson County area of Illinois, in and around Mt. Vernon before migrating westward in the mid 1850's. There are, however, many Abner Casey descendants east of the Mississippi River to this date. This same Casey clan has residence in practically all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.  (Note:  Pictured above; Michael R. Casey, Sgt. Oklahoma City Police Department; President, Casey Family Association.)

The CFA is administered by a president and board of directors and governed by the association bylaws, adopted June 25, 1994. In addition to a president, the association officers consist of a vice-president, treasurer, secretary and four area directors who are elected from the three primary membership classes every other year at the association convention and family reunion. This meeting is traditionally held at different predetermined locations in the central United States. The next meeting will be in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area in the summer of 2002.

To date, research has identified in excess of 10,000 confirmed descendants, both living and dead, of the original Irish Immigrants. The association also acts as a clearinghouse of information for researchers (both amateur and professional) interested in the history of the clan Casey and its related families. In addition, the CFA maintains a family archive of old and rare photographs, documents, and other paraphernalia pertaining to the Casey clan.

Membership is open specifically to the direct descendants of Abner and Peter Casey, and the descendant's current spouse, and generally, to unproven descendants, in the way of provisional member status. The membership year begins January 1 and ends December 31. New members are welcome to join any time and will receive all issues of the association newsletter, Casey Clan Tidings, printed during that membership year. Nonmembers can also receive the newsletter for the price of $15 annually. Membership dues received after September 1 will apply to the following year. Annual dues are $15; $37.50; and $75 for regular; contributing; and sustaining memberships, respectively. Contributing and sustaining members help the CFA by keeping the regular membership dues low and helping pay for extra expenses associated with research and publication. 

To join, mail the respective membership dues to: The Casey Family Association, P.O. Box 720212, Oklahoma City, OK 73172-0212.

For information or requests, you may send your e-mail to the CFA President and Membership Committee Chairman: Michael Casey.

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