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CFA Cemetery Committee

The Casey Family Association's Cemetery Committee is selected for the purpose of locating and documenting grave sites of Casey Family members.

The priorities of this committee are to compile a computer list and toMary Lea Burlison, The Cemetery Lady assemble a hard copy notebook of all Casey Family grave sites. Additions will be made to the list and the book as they become known to the committee throughout the year. The notebook will be available for viewing at each reunion.

The goals of the committee are:

To encourage all members of the Casey Family Association to participate in locating, visiting, maintaining, and reporting to this committee on burial places of our Casey ancestors.

To continually update the documentation on the location of cemeteries, grave sites, and condition of tombstones.

To make available, upon request, copies of any information that we have obtained to Casey Family Association members.

To maintain a Cemetery Committee Fund which will be used to replace deteriorating stones and to provide markers of some type where there are none. Oldest family graves will be given priority and must be identifiable by a reliable source.

For information or requests, you may contact the Cemetery Committee at

Mary Lea (Glover) Burlison
Committee Chairman


Note:  Mary Burlison passed away in November of 2003, please contact Michael Casey for information / requests for the Cemetery Committee.   Michael Casey

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